FinGreen’s Journey of Excellence: Award Highlights

Since 2021, FinGreen, QNET’s signature financial literacy programme, has sought to help vulnerable communities develop healthy financial habits.  

The record shows that in addition to successfully empowering close to 3,000 individuals in 35 cities around the world to be better educated about money, the initiative has also been recognised with a slew of accolades. 

Here, then, is a look at some of the awards FinGreen has garnered over the past few years: 

NYX Awards 2022 

The NYX Awards celebrate outstanding achievements in the creative and marketing industries. As a platform for professionals, agencies, companies and organisations to showcase exceptional work, the 2022 edition saw FinGreen being honoured with a Gold Award in the Social Media — Social Educational category. 

Social Media — Social Educational awards are handed to those who are shaping and redefining the educational online landscape. And in the year FinGreen won, the NYX panel focussed especially on our digital campaign for a programme in Turkey, which saw 105 women being educated about budget management, basic investment skills and managing personal finances. It also zeroed in on our partnership with Financial Literacy For All (FLFA) in Nigeria to provide on-the-ground financial training workshops for students and youths. 

MarCom Awards 2023 

Our YouTube video, entitled FinGreen: Seeding Financial Literacy for a Brighter Future, was the star of the 2023 edition of the prestigious MarCom Awards, picking up a Gold Award for Best Training Video. 

Opening with the striking statistic of how only one in three adults worldwide is financially literate, the video shines a light on QNET’s FinGreen initiative and how financial education aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by addressing inequality and promoting economic growth. It also highlights how women and youth who have attended FinGreen training and development programmes have reported improved financial knowledge, less worry and anxiety about personal finances, and increased confidence in their financial decision-making. 

Incidentally, FinGreen: Seeding Financial Literacy for a Brighter Future emerged victorious at the MarCom Awards 2023 out of 6,500 entries from more than 47 countries. 

Anthem Awards 2024 

FinGreen: Seeding Financial Literacy for a Brighter Future was also triumphant at the third annual Anthem Awards in 2024, where the video bagged two Gold Awards; one in the Awareness & Media category for Sustainability, Environment and Climate Education or Literacy Program or Platform, and another in the Community Engagement category for Sustainability, Environment & Climate Community Outreach. 

The Anthem Awards is a global showcase that celebrates the purpose and mission-driven work of people, companies and organisations worldwide, with Hollywood luminaries such as Matt Damon and Selma Blair, business icons like CEO of Ingka (IKEA’s holding company) Jesper Brodin and companies like PepsiCo among the long list of honorees. Hence, it was an honour for FinGreen to be recognised for sparking global change and setting new benchmarks for social impact work. 

PR Awards 2024 

The PR Awards has long served as the definitive awards programme for public relations practitioners across Southeast Asia, South Asia and Oceania. And the most recent edition saw the independent panel of industry leaders and senior communications experts recognise our communications campaign for FinGreen with a Silver Award for Best Corporate Affairs Strategy. 

The category in which we contested saw stiff competition. As such, it was gratifying to be acknowledged for our outstanding communication strategies and the FinGreen campaign’s overall effectiveness in stakeholder communication, promoting a positive organisational image, enhancing positioning, and achieving QNET’s corporate goals. 

Stevie Awards 2024 

Following on from the PR Awards, 2024 also saw FinGreen take home a Silver at the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2024 in the Innovation in Community Relations or Public Service Communications category. 

QNET has done impressively well over the years at Stevies, which was established in 2002 to honour the achievements and positive contributions of business organisations worldwide. And this latest recognition of our efforts to uplift vulnerable individuals and communities to be more financially literate, once again, underlines our commitment to sustainable change and the betterment of lives everywhere. 

Making A Difference With Financial Literacy  

As one of the world’s leading e-commerce-based direct selling companies, QNET understands that today’s financial services and tools have become complex. We also recognise that despite improvements in recent years, there remain numerous regions in the world where people — especially women and young persons — lack the knowledge to manage their finances effectively. 

This is why we have been striving to improve the current situation and why we believe that FinGreen can help raise awareness, increase know-how and improve financial inclusivity. 

Furthermore, the accolades FinGreen has received from prestigious industry platforms and bodies since our launch serves as validation of our efforts to make the world more financially inclusive.  

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