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FinGreen is QNET’s signature programme for financial literacy, aiming to develop healthy financial habits through education and training in the most vulnerable communities, especially among young adults.

Conceived in 2021, FinGreen aligns with the United Nations and Addis Ababa Agenda to provide adequate skills and proper developmental training for all, particularly for youth, women and those stepping into entrepreneurship.

The programme will play a pivotal role in supporting marginalised communities worldwide to achieve the UN SDGs and establish a stable and healthy economy in developing nations.

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3 Pillars

1. Assess
FinGreen takes a ground-up approach to financial education. We collaborate with local experts and partners to assess and identify the target segment for the training.
2. Train
The smallest seeds can blossom into the most beautiful forests. Sessions under the FinGreen programme are concise and time-efficient to achieve effective results.
3. Advocate
FinGreen is not just focused on cultivating financially savvy communities. It also incorporates many essential aspects of personal development, such as curiosity and self-esteem.

Financial Literacy for All® is a proudly Nigerian non-governmental Project committed to economic empowerment and poverty eradication through financial information dissemination and economic education. FLA is a project initiative of Infinite Intel Consult Ltd, a human capital development and training consultancy firm, envisioned to help people and organizations discover and maximize their potentials. Financial Literacy for All was set up in response to the research that shows that financial literacy and economic education contribute significantly to the financial well being of the people.

Consumer Advocacy and Empowerment Foundation (CADEF) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the empowerment, protection, emancipation and enlightenment of consumers in Nigeria. At current, CADEF’s involvement in the program is directed into the “Seeding financial literacy for a brighter future” for young adults. This program strives to increase financial inclusion for individuals by learning the skills, habits, and attitudes to help them make informed financial decisions. The FinGreen participants learn basic understanding of financial concepts such as money management, basic budgeting, planning, saving, loan and investment and program provides practical tools and strategies for managing the money and achieving the financial goals.

The Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work (KEDV) has been working since 1986 to support women’s efforts to improve their lives and to strengthen their leadership in local development, with the aim of contributing to building a strong society in which poverty and inequality do not exist.
Within the framework of cooperation with KEDV, the FinGreen program enables women to create a more stable and safe socio-economic environment for themselves and their families. The FinGreen project focuses on women’s groups that are part of the economy in different cities in Turkey under the leadership of KEDV, and supports and train women to develop their economic planning skills for their basic needs such as health, food and shelter, and bring up the value of women’s invisible labor in the economy of local communities.

J. A. Abrahams & Co. is a firm of chartered accountants with deep and diverse experience in audit and industry, specializing in audit, accountancy, tax and business advisory services, and who believe in the power of financial literacy to empower individuals and communities to make informed financial decisions and create value.


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