At QNET, we are committed to empowering people to take charge of their future and lead better lives. Through FinGreen, we aim to address the challenges of financial know-how faced by young people and women in particular, through education and training.

3 Pillars of the FinGreen Programme


FinGreen is a global financial literacy programme with local impact. FinGreen’s first approach to educating communities on financial know-how is planted from the ground up. We collaborate with local experts and partners to assess who, where, and how we should implement training sessions.  Surveys and feedback sessions are run throughout the programme to ensure the uptake of key messages and implementation of improvements based on continuous feedback from participants.


The smallest seeds can blossom into the most beautiful forests. Sessions under the FinGreen programme are concise and time-efficient to achieve effective results. This is particularly important for young adults, especially those from economically disadvanted backgrounds who may lack the resources to complete longer courses. Trainers are carefully selected to be simple and approachable. Whether face-to-face or online, lessons encourage peer-to-peer conversations where questions, issues, and feedback can be addressed openly and freely.


Unlike other initiatives, economic inclusion through cultivating financially savvy communities is not FinGreen’s only goal.   Many essential aspects of personal development, such as curiosity and self-esteem, are part of FinGreen’s structure. The program transforms individuals into financial champions, empowering them to become informed and confident leaders, a point of reference for families and communities, creating a ripple effect that is sustainable and widespread in their respective social circles.


Inspiring stories from our beneficiaries