Financial literacy programme to empower 1k young small-scale business owners launched

Discover QNET's FinGreen launch in Ghana, a collaboration with J. A. Abrahams & Co. Empowering 1000 individuals across five regions with vital financial knowledge aligned with UN SDGs.

QNET was featured for the launch of FinGreen, its impactful Financial Literacy Programme, in Ghana, partnering with J. A. Abrahams & Co. to benefit 1000 individuals across five regions. Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, FinGreen aims to empower underserved communities with essential financial knowledge. Mr. Biram Fall emphasizes the program’s role in enhancing financial inclusion, while Mr. Paul Kumi notes the timely collaboration with J. A. Abrahams. Ramya Chandrasekaran highlights FinGreen’s inclusive design. Since its 2022 launch, FinGreen has empowered over 1500 individuals. Read the full article here.

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